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Acupuncture Needle Supplier In Mumbai we Are Supplier Of Acupuncture Needle All Size , Acupuncture Body Needle, Acupuncture Ear Needle , Acupuncture Needle , Acupuncture Ear Seed etc
Supplier of Acupressure Mat in Andheri Description It's an enduring classic, ACM Mat is a combination of Acupressure, Magnets & pyramids to give you quick relief from common ailments. Warms up your body by stepping on it for three to five minutes daily. INDICATION: Morning freshness & total health. Also helpful for patients of sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel pain, knee pain, piles, migraine, sinus, insomnia. Specially raised part: For constipation, gastric, acidity, diabetes, indigestion & renal problems. Unbreakable & available in various & attractive colors
Supplier Of Acupressure Paduka in Andheri We are counted as the reputed manufacturer and exporter of supreme quality Acupressure Paduka. Known for providing deep sense of relaxation, improving digestion and decreasing muscular tension, it has fetched high demands in the market. The offered product is further known for strengthening the immune system and hence preventing the illness. Features: Provides deep sense of relaxation Improves digestion Strengthens immune system Benefits: Reduce Pain in Lower and Back, Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Muscles & Joints Improved blood Circulation It strengthens the Immune System, Preventing the illness Helpful for the excretion of Toxin Substances, Improving your health Decreases Muscular Tension Improve Digestion Increases uptake of Oxygen Provide Deep sense of Relaxation Increase Energy Levels Develops a positive mental outlook Solves Eyes problem effectively Improves concentration Improve Sleep Serves as a cure for: Back Pain Sciatica Neck Pain Strained Muscles General stiffness Muscle cramps Poor circulation Digestive problems Arthritis Headaches Insomnia Fatigue Stress Depression Eyestrain Allergies /hay fever Sinus congestion Poor concentration Lowered immune system Tiredness Accu Paduka is the Solution for all these Problems with Dual Benefits of Spring: Acupressure & Magnetic Therapy Spring acupuncture with multi massages beads Magnetic therapy as a plus with the red massage beads Massaging the important point, thus do good human health Designed according to the foot reflexology
Supplier Of Acupuncture Needle
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Supplier Of Acupuncture Products .We Are supplier Of Acupuncture Products Like Acupuncture Needle, Acupuncture Ear Needle , Acupuncture Ear Seed, Acupuncture Moxa , Acupuncture Needle Stand, Acupuncture Model, Acupuncture Human Model, Acupuncture Ear Model , Acupuncture Head Model, Acupuncture Hand Model Acupuncture Books , Acupuncture Charts Acupuncture Foot Mat , Acupuncture Body Roller, Acupuncture Foot Massager , Acupuncture Foot Roller, Acupuncture Device , Acupuncture Tools , Acupuncture Needle Stimulation Machine, Acupuncture Stimulatore Machine, Acupuncture Pen , Acupuncture Laser, Acupuncture Powerest Needle, Acupuncture PCS Needle, Acupuncture Sujok Needle etc.
Supplier of Acupressure Foot Mat In Mumbai
we are Manufacturer and Supplier Of Sujok Therapy Products, Sujok Therapy Equipment , like Sujok Moxa , Sujok Needle. Sujok Books, Sujok Probe, Sujok Device etc.
we are Manufacturer and Supplier Of Sujok Therapy Products, Sujok Therapy Equipment , like Sujok Moxa , Sujok Needle. Sujok Books, Sujok Probe, Sujok Device etc.